Donation Instructions

  1. Click the Donate Now button below on your favoured charity
  2. Type the number of donations you’d like to make 1 Qty = $25
  3. Click ADD TO BASKET
  4. Click GO TO BASKET
  5. Enter the name of the rider you are donating for in: Billing address Contact Person. Click EDIT if Contact Person is not visible.
  6. Enter your email address. Leave Company, VAT and address blank.
  7. Accept ONETIME payment conditions
  8. Select type of payment
  9. Click TO PAYMENT

Our Supported Charities

Unicorn Foundation NZ

Unicorn Foundation NZ is a registered charity dedicated to revolutionising the way that Neuroendocrine Tumours/Cancer (NET Cancer) is diagnosed and managed in New Zealand.
Around one New Zealander every day is diagnosed with NET Cancer which is higher than brain, ovarian and cervical cancers. There are thousands of kiwis living and trying to manage this cancer however the best treatment is only available in Melbourne, with patients having to pay over $50,000 to receive it. We want to change this and bring the treatment to NZ, but need your help. Please ride for a reason and help thousands of NET Cancer patients. Learn More Here.

New Zealand Spinal Trust

Sadly we see far too many cyclists in the two spinal units of NZ. Almost one in five sporting Spinal Cord Injuries are due to cycling incidents – injuries far more serious than gravel rash. We help these folk and their families get back on track and find their new future through our free services. We provide peer support and employment guidance for all spinal unit patients, from teens to superannuitants – 80% of our costs are funded through fundraising initiatives.  All money raised through TONZ will be used to establish a community-based peer and whanau support programme. Your support will make a difference for Kiwis affected by a spinal cord injury or impairment. Thank you! Learn more here.

Child Cancer Foundation

Finding out your child has cancer turns your life upside down. It happens to more than three Kiwi families every week. None of them ever thought it would happen to their child.

Cancer doesn’t care about these children or their families. Child Cancer Foundation does. We support them every step of the way, whatever the outcome, for however long it takes.

We focus on the whānau, not the cancer. No two families’ experiences are the same, and neither is the nature of the support they need. One thing is always the same, though. We support every family to concentrate on the most important thing of all: loving and caring for their child.

We don’t do this alone. The generosity of our fellow Kiwis ensures we can make these families’ lives better. We all do this, together. You can help support the work we do by choosing Child Cancer Foundation as your charity for the Tour of New Zealand. Learn more here.

New Zealand Fallen Heroes Trust

The New Zealand Fallen Heroes Trust was established by a group of people in the community with strong ties to the New Zealand Defence Force who saw a role for direct, practical support to the families of those men and women who were injured or killed whilst serving their country. Loosely modelled on similar international initiatives, the Trust aims to fund projects that make a real difference to the lives of our heroes and their families. Learn More Here.


Cycle for Tearfund and you will join a community on the move for freedom! Tearfund is a registered charity committed in the cycling space. Child sex trafficking is a scourge devastating an estimated 4.8 million children, shattering their lives and vulnerable communities. This is called modern day slavery due to its scale and advance and it needs our immediate attention and action.
Sex slavery generates an estimated US$ 99 billion for criminal networks every year, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO).
By joining Tearfund you will join our full circle approach bringing: prevention/protection, rescue and prosecution and restoration and empowerment.

All funds raised in the Tour will help support Tearfund’s work in Nepal, South East Asia and the Pacific. Every year an estimated 4.8 million people become victims of forced commercial sexual exploitation, 98% of which are women and children.

Push your pedal for change and join Tearfund’s passionate staff and supporters in what will be our third TONZ!

Akina Foundation (Bikes in Schools)

Kids love bikes, and so do we! Support Akina and all funds raised will be donated to Bikes in Schools – providing Kiwi kids with bikes and safe cycling environments in their schools. Learn More Here.

Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation is the charity that works to stop New Zealanders dying prematurely from heart disease. Heart disease is New Zealand’s single biggest killer. There are more than 172,000 New Zealanders living with heart disease. Heart disease is responsible for the death of more than 6,000 Kiwis every year, claiming the life of one person every 90 minutes. Many of these deaths are premature and preventable.

The Tour of New Zealand is a proud supporter of the Heart Foundation. You too can support the Heart Foundation by fundraising while doing the tour.

Money raised helps to fund vital research, promote heart healthy lifestyles and advance cardiac care. Learn More Here.

Why do we ride?

Raising Awareness and Funds for Charity !


It‘s also about raising awareness and funds for the charities the Tour of New Zealand supports. If you elect to be a charity rider you simply choose the charity below you wish to support.

The 1.25 million dollars riders have raised in the 4 Tours so far,( mainly from sponsorship of their ride), is absolutely awesome. By selecting a charity and entering as a charity rider you are asked to raise a minimum of $250 for your selected charity and you will benefit from a reduced entry fee. This will wonderfully benefit your chosen charity and they will work closely with you to support you prior to and on race week.

If you choose to ride and leave us to apportion some of your entry fee to a charity then that is great too ..either way we are here for you. Make the Tour a fun and effective way of helping people less fortunate than yourself.

Great ways to encourage your friends and family to Sponsor your ride by donating to your charity choice.
  1. Get motivated by becoming passionate about the work of your chosen Charity. The Charity you choose will provide you info and stories about their work. They have facts and case studies and wonderful motivational stories to share with you.
  2. Make a list of your friends and family members with email addresses.
  3. Plan a strategy that will not just be asking for money. Use the opportunity to inform and encourage by inviting them out for a coffee or around for a meal. You may like to have a tour dinner at your home and ask your buddies and family to contribute on the website race page an amount in appreciation. Don’t forget all donations are tax deductible and a receipt will auto generate to them the moment that they complete the donation on line. Perhaps over dinner show them a video clip of the 2017 Tour (on the website) and give them a sheet on the Charity and explain how the Tour works..they may even want to come and ride and go on our waiting list if the Tour is already full.!!!
  4. Invite your charity supporters to come and watch the Tour come through if they are on the Tour route.
  5. We will have some Tour 2019 Race actions Calendars available for you to give to your donors as a thank you in the lead up to Tour 2019. Available Jan 2019.
  6. Keep in touch with your donor base with updates on your prep and photos of you training via face book or email.
  7. Most money is raised in the 3 months leading up to the Tour so be relaxed.

Contact our Tour Charity partner expert with any questions you may have, Pauline at



In my first Tour (2012) I was nervous about asking my colleagues, family and friends for sponsorship for my charity. My goal of $250 seemed high. You can imagine my joy and surprise when I found $1100 rolled into the charity account from so many who resonated with me taking on a challenge which was way beyond me. After the Tour, Kilograms lighter and so much fitter I realised that I had pulled off something I could have only dreamed of