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Conditions of Entry

Tour of New Zealand Conditions of Entry

The organisers will do everything in their power to deliver to you an exciting, enthralling and safe week long cycling Adventure/Race. Your actions and reactions, preparation and daily participation hinges upon you riding within the race rules, acting prudently and putting safety first.


Corporate Team
All team members must be employees or clients of the business or organisation.

Masters 1: All team members over age 50 as at 1st April 2021

Masters 2: All team members over age 60 as at 1st April 2021.

A Mixed team. Your team must have at least one member of each sex included in the team each day.

School: All team members must currently be high school students (more than one school may form a single team). Every team must have a Chaperon.

Entry fees

Entry Fees in full are payable on or before 1st December 2020. One payment  of $100 on entering Tour 2021 with the balance paid on or before the 1st December 2020. Riders entering after Dec 2020 will pay the entry fee in full on entering. 

Refund Policy

Should you wish to withdraw (in writing) prior to 1st December 2020 a refund of the $100 deposit will be made less a $40 deduction to cover costs incurred to that date.   A refund of entry  fees less $200  after 1st Dec 2020 and before 31st January 2021 will be made should a rider wish to withdraw. From the 1st February 2021 there will be no return of entry fees, though a transfer to another rider will be considered if there is no waiting list.    Entries Close 15th March 2021.

Should the Tour be called off for any cause outside the control of the Organisers that renders the Tour in the Organisers judgement, unsafe e.g. earthquakes, industrial action, major storm, Virus. etc a full refund will be made less a $200.00 processing fee. Should this occur after the 31st January 2021 a refund will be made less Tour expenses contracted to that date.

Tour of New Zealand Management Company Ltd cannot be held responsible for any bookings (travel costs ,accommodation rental cars etc0 ;lmade and deposits lost,  or inconvenience or distress in the very unlikely event of the cancellation of the Tour.


Recognition Prizes will be awarded to podium placers in each category. Most major prizes will be drawn as spot prizes. Riders must attend the prizegiving at the conclusion of the criterium in Wellington to be eligible for spot prizes. Further Spot prizes will be awarded at each evening’s “Peloton Party” at the end of each day stage.


Alterations to the number of “bikes on the road” and categories can be made at any time up to March 31st 2021.

Any stage course could be altered by the organisers to fit safety standards, traffic management requirements or weather demands.

Your entry pre supposes that all of your team members sign the waiver when they join the Tour. Competitors with medical conditions are required to notify the organisers.

Honda Jazz prize conditions

All riders that compete for the whole Tour week, and who pays the full entry fee as outlined will be in the draw to win the 2021 Honda Jazz Lead Car. To win this car you will have one “ticket” in the draw for every $250 you raise to help one of our “official” charity beneficiaries. eg Raise $1,000 and you have “4 tickets”! An official charity is one listed on our website. The winner must in person be in attendance at the final prize giving at the Wellington Prize Giving on April 17th. If a rider has had to withdraw during the Tour because of injury but still attends the prize giving that rider would still be in the draw.

A rider choosing, (individual or in a team) to enter as a “linked Charity rider” agrees to raise a minimum of $250 for the charity they have chosen to be linked to. In the event that this is not fulfilled the rider’s entry could become invalid and 50% of the entry fee paid refunded. The organisers reserve the right to decide on this case by case.

A Charity rider paying the full $1400 entry fee has no requirement to raise any money for a charity, as a portion of the $1400 will be given to a charity on that persons behalf. A Charity rider will qualify with one ticket in the Honda prize car draw.

Entry fee variation.

Entry fees have been set based on all anticipated costs. 

In entering Tour 2021 riders accept to abide by the decisions of the Organisers and their staff and volunteers.

Tour Rules

TONZ – Event Rules 2021​Tour of New Zealand Tour Rules 2021

2021 Rules